The Gold Coast is a coastal city situated in Queensland, known for being well-developed and home to several businesses. The Gold Coast alone contributes nearly $25.3 billion to the economy of the nation. Earlier, the Gold Coast was known for being a center of tourism. Many large scale construction projects were also in development in the region. But now, the Gold Coast has become home to diverse economic environments.

There’s nearly $13 billion that’s been invested in infrastructural development projects. At Gold Coast, you’ll find world class commercial as well as residential buildings. In the Economic Development Strategy 2023 that was created by officials at the Gold Coast, the aim was to help provide long term business success for the businesses within the city. This in turn aimed to improve the city’s economy.

What Businesses Should You Invest In Within Gold Coast?

The government of Queensland has shown consistent commitment when it comes to developing the infrastructure of the state. Cultural as well as international partnerships have also been promoted, as a way to attract global entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in buying a business on the Gold Coast, then what are the industries that you should consider?

Here are five industries that have been thriving within the Gold Coast, over the last few decades.

1. Food And Beverages Industry

A fast growing industry, the food and beverages industry is also one of the most profitable within the Gold Coast. The food and beverages industry includes not just restaurants, but also suppliers and vendors. There are businesses that manufacture products related to food. Some provide meals that are ready made while others provide confectionaries. There are also businesses that provide food that is fresh as well as organic.

In case your funds are limited, then investing in the food and beverages industry of the Gold Coast can be a good idea.

2. The Medical And Health Sectors

The medical and health industry contributes as much as $2.2 billion to the economy of the Gold Coast. This is also the second largest of all the sectors within the Gold Coast. There are various medical businesses that you’ll likely see sprawled around the Gold Coast. Health centers are also common, and many residents are actively health conscious. You can think about doing market research on what businesses in medicine and health are thriving before you decide on making a purchase.

When it comes to medical and health businesses, not only should you count hospitals and nursing homes, but also health centers such as gyms.

3. Office And Residential Cleaning Businesses

Starting a brand new cleaning business by yourself will require a lot more money and human resources than buying an existing cleaning business. This is why you should consider investing in a cleaning franchise within the Gold Coast. When it comes to cleaning businesses there is huge scope in this coastal city.

Consider investing in business insurance Gold Coast as well. This is as running your very own business exposes you to certain risk factors, such as getting sued by clients. When you have business insurance Gold Coast, you can protect your business as well as your finances. If you would like to learn more about business insurance Gold Coast, then click here.

4. Information Communication Technology Businesses

Also known as ICT, this sector is well defined within the Gold Coast. When it comes to the ICT industry, returns keep increasing with each passing year. So if you invest in the ICT industry of the Gold Coast, you can expect to make good returns on your investment.

5. The Education Industry

The education industry within the Gold Coast has also been doing pretty well. There are professional institutes in the city that are well recognized in the country as well as the world. Similarly, some of the universities in this small coastal town are also globally recognized. This makes Gold Coast an important destination for students, both from within the country as well as abroad.


It might be a better idea to buy a business within the Gold Coast, instead of starting one from scratch. If you’re interested in investing in businesses within the Gold Coast, then there are five main industries that you should look at. The first of these is the food and beverages industry, followed by the medical and health industries. Consider investing in the ICT industry as well, as well as the cleaning industry, or even the education industry.