Many of us already know to reinstate the Amazon account once and if it is somehow suspended. But only a few of us might be aware of how to escalate the Amazon suspension help. But what most of these sellers don’t know is that the appeal escalation happens only when you can do it at the right time and back it up with a strong Plan of Action. And this oblivion leads a lot of sellers to get the impression that they can fire off direct mails to the Executive Relations team and even to the owner of the platform.

Here is everything that you need to know about Amazon suspension appeal

Escalation And What Is It?

The escalation procedure enables the sellers on Amazon to help their POA be reviewed and evaluated by a team that sits at a higher ecosystem than the platform itself. The concept behind this is that product quality, and seller performance often goes unnoticed by the teams, which gives the sellers another scope of being reinstated. Some of the escalation types that the sellers would know about are 

  • Bezos Escalation
  • Letters To Jeff

In both of these escalations, the seller channels their POA and even their amazon suspension appeal letter to However, the sellers can also ask the Executive Sellers Relations Team to review their appeals.

When Can You Escalate Your Appeal Or When Is The Perfect Time To Do So?

Suppose you have been suspended by Amazon recently. In that case, you might have already sent an Amazon suspension appeal letter and a POA to realize that it got rejected, despite being strong. But is this enough reason to escalate your appeal? No, it isn’t. While you might think that bombarding Jeff Bezos with a hundred emails to achieve your goals is a fantastic strategy, but things don’t work in that manner. Spamming the owner or even the Seller Performance team will only lead you to face negative consequences, watch your sales go down, and have your overall scope of getting back on ruined.

What To Do Instead Of Spamming Jeff Bezos?

When you are spamming Jeff Bezos with a thousand emails, you are not seeking help but making it look that your case demands to be immaculately reviewed again. You not approving the last answer you go wouldn’t let your case escape from being scanned. Escalations aren’t only about aggressive POA. But instead, you should make it clear in the first paragraph that you have submitted that you were asked to by the Amazon team but still didn’t get a satisfactory answer against it.

What Would Happen If You Escalate The Appeal Quickly?

The sellers always tend to escalate their amazon suspension letter quickly, even before evaluating the POA and its viability. Your odds of reinstatement are affected when you hit the escalation timing too fast. You would only get the changes if you haven’t hammered the incorrect queues, pestered the wrong set of people, or couldn’t pull off the correct format for escalation. This way, you would never grab a second opportunity from Amazon.

Every seller wishes to get their business back up on track every time it is suspended or suspended, but doing it the right way will help you get it back soon rather than beating around the bush. Before you think of doing anything, take a deep breath and listen to yourself. Don’t consider chasing anybody until and unless you are sure of what you are about to do and the consequences it might have.