If you or your family member got injured in a truck accident, you can make a claim and receive compensation from the responsible parties to cover your losses. Nevertheless, you need an experienced truck accident lawyer by your side to make the claim.

However, since truck accidents are comparatively more complex, you need a truck accident attorney who has enough experience of handling such cases. One such law firm in Hartford that you can depend on is Etemi Law. They handle plenty of personal injury cases, including truck accident cases every year. Thus, they have the resources and experience you need. 

Different types of truck accidents

Many different types of truck accidents take place in Hartford every year. If you are about to present your case, it is best to know the different types of accidents.  

  • Jackknife accident: In this accident, the tractor and trailer form a 90  ̊ angle. This causes the truck to stop abruptly and as a result, other vehicles may collide with it. 
  • Rollover crash: There are a variety of reasons why a truck can flip. Certain reasons are – speeding, driving too fast on a curvy road, steep inclines and declines, tripping on a curb, oversteering the truck, etc.
  • Improper braking or mechanical brake failure accident: Braking issues can be either mechanical or because of human error. Whatever the reason, the driver in most cases is blamed for not reducing the truck’s speed or driving as per the best practices. 
  • Rear-end collision: Compared to smaller vehicles, a truck may need more time and distance to completely stop. Also, if the truck is heavily loaded, it may need more distance than usual. Other drivers do not understand this and are closely tailing trucks on the road. As a result, rear-end accidents can take place. 
  • Underride crash: This is a type of rear-end collision. However, in such an accident, the car driver hits the back of a truck that has the same height as the height of the car. This causes the car to go underneath the truck and the car driver may face fatal injuries. 
  • No zone accidents: Just like with any other vehicle, trucks have blind spots as well. There are usually four blind spots or no-zone areas of a truck. Many accidents occur because motorists drive in a truck’s blind spot. 
  • Squeeze accidents: Any truck driver needs to swing the vehicle in the opposite direction of the intended turn. Vehicles that are driving behind the truck, especially the ones driving in the blind spot are at the risk of getting squeezed in such cases. 

Well, now you know what your case is. So, talk to your Hartford truck accident lawyer and figure out the best techniques to win the case.