There are several ways to send products from one place to another, in addition to road transport which is the most common and most used mode of transportation worldwide. Knowing the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of all of them is essential to develop an assertive strategy with the possibility of optimizing costs.

In today’s post, we will present the main modes of cargo transport and the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Keep reading and learn more about the subject!

By Road

Road transport is still the most used option by companies all across the US, the world in general. The main reasons for this preference include:

  • The possibility of creating flexible routes.
  • Feasibility for transportation of different types of cargo — from grains to high value-added items.
  • Competitive prices that won’t drill a hole in your pocket.

By Air

It is, like road transport, one of the most used modes of cargo transport. The difference being, it’s the best option for import and export of goods to and fro USA.

  1. It is also the best choice for companies that need to speed things up when shipping over long distances.
  2. Air transportation is also suitable for value-added cargo and perishable items.

By Water

Waterway transport can be used to ship products of the most varied types and in all states (solid, liquid, and gaseous), as long as they are properly stored. However, it is more recommended for cargos that have low added value.

  • It can transport large volumes and quantities at once and, like air, cover long distances.
  • However, remember, this mode of transportation across international borders take a lot of time.

Now, it might look easy and sound easier, but getting your goods between countries is no joke. The paperwork alone will make you dizzy. That’s why you need the help of custom brokers. The many ways in which customs brokers can help and assist you are as follows.

  1. They are aware of every single import and export law across all provinces in the US.
  2. They have the right qualification to do all the paperwork once you give them the power of attorney.
  3. They can also help you with Amazon freight forwarding. For example, ClearitUSA Amazon FBA freight forwarding service by this company is worth every penny spent. They will ensure all your imported cargos reach the destination Amazon warehouses without delay.
  4. They will also be present at the venue while the cargo will be crossing borders so that they can ensure that the cargo arrives undamaged.

All in all, no matter which mode of transportation you choose, you’ll require the services of import brokers.