The CNC or Computer Numerical Control is an extremely high precision method used in the manufacturing lines today. This helps us to create the custom parts with ease, arising out of a variety of materials that also have a very high tolerance. The process is fairly new and is a result of the technological advancements our industries are going through. One will receive multiple benefits after implementing CNC machining in their production line. It is the best machining production solution available to increase the floor’s production efficiency and reduce the wastes or labor costs.

Understanding CNC machining

CNC machining is often termed as a subtractive manufacturing technology where the production process differs from the normal. Here, the end product is normally formed by removing the excess materials selectively from the entire chunk of the workpiece. There is a four-step prod

Part design

Parts that are produced by this process are generally the preliminary designs made by the CAD software. The designing process is thoughtfully carried out for all the aspects as to what the final product will look like. The aspects like operating conditions, optimal performance and variation levels of acceptable tolerance are carefully considered.

Design conversion

After the initial round of the design is complete, the CAD model must be converted into the CNC program using the CAM software. CAM will be able to extract all the geometrical requirements present in the original CAD file and convert them into the compatible CNC language. This involves the conversion into the G or the M code. This will further dictate the mechanical operations of the machine.

CNC machine preparation

Next, it is the duty of the machine operator to set up the machine as well as the target material according to the required specifications of the CNC program. The correct cutting or drilling of the materials will be ensured by the operator and the tools will be correctly installed. The workpiece also needs to be attached with extreme caution.

Executed programmed operations

Finally, the desired mechanical process will be carried out by the machine operation. During this operation, the CNC program will have a fine control over how the machining tool is moving and what are the outputs that are resulting out.

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