Hiring agencies for specific tasks is now a part of every day life for businesses.  For PPC marketing, if you do not have a specialist in-house team, you are best to go through an adwords agency, but which agency do I select?

We have a guide to help point you in right direction for choosing the right Google AdWords agency.

Agency Employees

A successful Adwords agency is determined by the staff working there.  One you have identified an agency you need to keep a close watch on the employees to check their effectiveness.  There are certain stand out qualities, and you need them in your team.

  1. Strategy building

Experts in Google Adwords must be strategy makers.  The strategy makers will build a vision for your company or brand for the future.  They need to be goal orientated and meticulous planners.  Their future plans for your business could take your business to the next level.

  1. Team Work

An agency need all its’ workers to be team players.  It is very much a team business with specialists in different areas working together to build your marketing strategy.

  1. Company first

Adwords experts are not the type to follow an individual path, they follow company protocols because experience tells them it works.  This is no place for mavericks.

Check the case studies

A reputable agency will allow you to view detailed information regarding previous cases.  The first part should show the original client brief, the thought processes that built the strategy, the KPIs and how the strategy will be implemented.  The second part should show how well the strategy met the KPIs and what adjustments were made and why.  The final part should be a full report of the campaign results for ranking changes, Click through rates and the clients comments.


A good agency will be well organised.  It has a duty of care to manage the budget, manage client communication and action strategies, all seamlessly.  Check their own website and social media pages to see how well they are managed. You can test out communication by reaching out to them through social media and seeing how quick and informative the response is.

Key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators will assess how well your campaign is progressing.  They should be able to provide multiple methods of performance monitoring as standard but check if there is anything specific to you that would help you assess the campaign, such as agency cost per click, or how long are these visitors staying on your site compared to organic users.

Are they a multi-service provider?

A multi service provider offers services across the whole spectrum, web design, SEO, content marketing, social media marking etc.  A multi service agency has a better grasp of all the facets of Adword marketing as the business will have a more holistic approach.


PPC advertising is here to stay and your business needs to be active in this marketplace.  Find an experienced SEO and Adwords agency and you can expect your profits to increase as well as your online presence.