There are many ways in which a product-oriented business works in the modern market. Commercial transactions used to be market-to-person sales in the early years. But nowadays it has changed into different types of sales.

Some of the most common types of commercial transactions are as follows:

  • Businesses to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Business to business to consumer

If the commercial transaction of goods involves the crossing of any borders, then no matter the type of business model you are dealing in, there will be requirements to clear customs laws and regulations. The process of clearing the US Customs department checks and regulations is not an easy task.

If not executed in the perfect manner, the whole process will have to be redone. This is why you need an import broker to run your customs clearing.

what is an import broker?

An import broker is a person or a group of people or a company who will assist you in the clearing of customs across the US border. An import broker will have a deep insight into the changing customs duties and knowledge of the customs rules and regulations.

An import broker will charge a nominal fee for registration and commission for clearing your goods from the customs. But in the long run, it will only be beneficial as a broker will help in creating your customs faster and without hassle. The time and effort saved are worth the money spent.

Functions of an import broker.

The main functions which an import broker will carry out for you are:-

  • Entry procedures
  • Admissibility requirements
  • Classification
  • Valuation
  • Rates of duty
  • Origin certificate
  • Route pass

The above mentioned are just a few of the myriad of documents and paperwork your import broker will meticulously draft for the successful clearance of customs. Also, different merchandise and products have different customs duties and border clearance laws. These can vary according to region and type of goods.

Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned procedures and documentation work is not such an easy task. The paperwork involved is not only complex and confusing but also time-consuming and prone to mistakes. An import broker will make sure that the documents presented on your behalf are crystal clear and mistake-free.

To conclude, you must take the service of an import broker to avoid any mistakes or rework related to the customs clearing of your goods.