One of the things that you must have noticed is that any maintenance technician who services on various types of systems and appliances, they use a huge range of strategies and methods when they are working on it. In order to be successful in creating maintenance field, it is needed that the technician or the maintenance service men understands the different types of methods for maintenance and how they are used and the rest. Some of the different types of maintenance are as follows –

  1. Preventive Maintenance –

Preventive maintenance can be described as, ‘prevention is better than cure’. One of the pivotal objectives of preventive maintenance is to identify the problems prior to they happen. In this type of maintenance, mostly the inspections are done on a regular basis. Moreover, this type of maintenance occurs many times or multiple times every year. In this type of maintenance whenever the technician checks for a system or a machine or others, they will first check for the signs of tear or breakdown or wear of any kind. Then, they replace the damaged or malfunctioning part immediately. So, one of the benefits of the preventive maintenance is that it saves the machine or piece of technology from unexpected breakdowns.  Therefore, the main benefits of the preventive maintenance are that it can remove the unwanted shutdowns, which are unplanned.

  1. Condition-Based Maintenance –

Condition-based maintenance is one of the more advanced form of maintenance compared to that of preventive maintenance. It is like an alternative to the former one’s i.e. preventive maintenance. Here in this form of maintenance, rather than checking the machine for any kind of wear or tear or breakdowns, the machines are carefully experimented for any kind of changes that could help identify the failure or the upcoming problem.  In the condition-based maintenance, the technicians carefully take note i.e. observe the machine running and find out the variables that could affect the functioning of the machine like presence or absence of moisture, vibration speed and power, temperature and much more. One of the strategies that is connected with condition-based maintenance is the predictive maintenance.

  1. Predictive Maintenance –

In the predictive maintenance– it is one kind of condition-based maintenance in which the systems are continually observed through the sensor devices. In this type of maintenance, the devices are connected with the components of the systems and it feeds continuous and online data to the software. The software will then interpret or trace the data and will warn the technician of maintenance regarding the upcoming failure or danger. This type of predictive maintenance is considered to be one of the most latest and the rigorous type of maintenance. Hopefully, now you know the Instandhaltung Definition. One of the reasons as to why this type of maintenance is latest is because there is a plenty of data for the software to interpret and the sensor devices also needs to checked regularly and maintained.

  1. Corrective Maintenance

When working on other type of work order, when a problem is discovered then it is known as corrective maintenance. Corrective maintenance is a type of maintenance in which issues or problems are detected just in time, or at the right time. For instance, a technician is working on the current problem in a machine and suddenly notices that the pipe of the HVAC system is not working properly, or in other words detects second problem or another issue. So, in another words, in corrective maintenance issues are found in the right time before they appear.

  1. Predetermined Maintenance –

In this type of maintenance, rules and suggestions are created from the original manufacturer, rather than the team of maintenance. In this type of maintenance, the suggestions of maintenance are based on the gathered data and experiments. In this the machine, which is purchased in that the manufacturer will include data and lifespan of the machine and its various parts. The manufacturer will suggest as to how frequently you should check the machine and the parts and service it or replace it.  This type of maintenance does not guarantee that a machine will not work or breakdown.

  1. Breakdown Maintenance

It is a type of maintenance, where the parts of the machine is not inspected or replaced. In this system, the machine is left as it is in a damaged condition and then they either fix it or replace it.

  1. Total productive maintenance (TPM) –

In this form of maintenance, the technicians are maintain the equipment or machinery and the activities are carried out in maintain the machine.  Some of the examples of total productive maintenance are :- simple repairs, cleaning, tightening nuts & bolts, lubricating, replacing leaking hoses, welding tips, daily checking and checking the state of the machine.