Despite a lack of utopia in the 21st century when it comes to gender equality, things are slowly improving; plenty of women are getting into politics, academia, business, and other positions. 

Our communities are increasingly led by women, and with more companies, households, and communities run by women, it is only natural for them to seek the tools to succeed – enter investment migration.

It takes two phases for women to be empowered through investment migration. Investing in investment migration involves a decision-making process as part of the first phase. Using it to enhance their success is the second phase.  

The decision-making process

In order to ensure you and your family benefit from having a second citizenship, it is vital that you carefully consider this venture prior to investing in global mobility assets such as an EU residency or a Caribbean or Turkish passport. 

In our firm, we can provide you with the best options available, but ultimately, it is you who will decide what your family needs in order to thrive, what tools are necessary for your children to reach their potential, and what option is best suited for your lifestyle. 

Research shows that women have excellent cross-signaling skills when it comes to the thought process, which allow them to see matters holistically and predict how any given decision may affect each group. It is this holistic view which can prove to be very beneficial to your entire family when considering investing in residency or citizenship.

Mothers play a crucial role in getting the right type of residency or citizenship for their families. You might be able to send your kids to the best universities in the fields they are interested in, they may have better employment opportunities, and you can use a second home as a Plan B in case of political turmoil back home. The connection between your family and your children is the key to choosing the right program for residency or citizenship by investment. 

Enhancing your success

Increasingly, women are becoming CEOs and Presidents of companies all over the world, despite the challenging nature of today’s corporate environment.

It can be difficult to manage a business or a career, but luckily, investment migration can help. The goal of many savvy investors is to amplify their global mobility and expand their business through residency or citizenship by investment.

In Portugal, for example, obtaining a residency permit allows women to expand their business into the EU market, taking advantage of one of the world’s most successful economic areas. The residency by investment program, dubbed the golden visa, can also lead to Portuguese citizenship, opening the door to even more business opportunities for global citizens. 

By obtaining a second passport, say from Dominica, you can travel visa-free to the world’s hottest economic hubs, including the UK, EU, Singapore, Hong Kong, and others.

Helena Savory, Managing Director of Savory & Partners, stated in an interview with Gulf News that “Second citizenship gives women the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, and also eliminate the gender gap in the workplace.”.

There are more women rising to the top of the business ladder, and investment migration can help them expand their success internationally. It’s important to choose the right country for your business, but you have a lot of choices in the case of investment migration. Getting residency in Spain, the EU’s highest ranking in terms of female CEOs, or citizenship in St. Lucia, where women are more common in management (57.3%) than men (42.7%), are viable options. 

In addition to being a great way to protect your assets, investment migration enables you to run global businesses. Women with high net worth (HNW) are on the rise worldwide. According to Forbes World’s Billionaire List (The Richest 2021), 328 of the list’s billionaires are women, marking a 60% increase from the previous year, and women need to be protected from taxation and economic uncertainty as well.

The opportunity to acquire citizenship through investment allows you to diversify your wealth by moving it into secure offshore banks in countries such as St. Kitts and Nevis, or by purchasing real estate in hot property markets such as Lisbon and Athens.

Diversifying your assets will ensure you have a rainy day fund in a secure, accessible location so that you can protect your wealth from uncertainty. 

Our mission of women empowerment

In addition to having a Managing Director who is a mother of two, and with a team that consists of other ambitious, intelligent, and driven women, Savory & Partners values the role of women in the community.

When you come to us to find the best citizenship or residency by investment option for you and your family, we will be able to understand your objectives, pain points, and reasoning, and we will be able to offer you a portfolio of solutions that suit your needs. 

With our high-end solutions, we aim to empower more women, as well as ourselves.