While it has been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, there is still uncertainty that surrounds the overall effect of the pandemic on global trade. During the pandemic, most economic activity has taken place domestically instead of internationally. Because of the crisis, people spend the majority of their capital on healthcare, housing, and utilities, putting international trade on the sidelines.

Although some nations have high vaccine rollouts and are recovering economically, others have to deal with new coronavirus strains. As an importer or exporter, navigating the changing status of the world economy is hard. If you are wondering whether or not the pandemic will continue to hit your import or export business this year, consider the following factors to make the best decisions for your business:

How the World Economy is Doing

Compared to the status in 2020 when very strict lockdown policies had to be enforced, the world economy is as not as bad. But, there is still some uncertainty. As new COVID strains cause panic across the world, people may still not want to invest in nonessential products.

Every country’s economy is recovering at different speeds. Economic recovery in the United States is gaining momentum and the rollout of stimulus checks has motivated people to increase their spending. But, economic recovery in other countries such as Spain and Peru is very slow. As you decide how to move forward with your business, think about the current economic situation of every country in your supply chain.  You can consult an expert at Clearitusa.com to make the right choices.

Shipping Times and Increasing Costs

Shipping times this year are not as long as they were last year. But, they are still longer before the pandemic. In some countries, limits are placed on the goods they can send and receive from abroad. Because of COVID-19 delays in the supply chain have become the norm. And the cost of shipping containers is also increasing. To succeed in this tough climate, calculate shipping costs before you price your products to know how much to charge.

What Products to Import or Export

The pandemic has made it difficult to choose which stocks you must invest in because people’s preferences have changed. But, success is still within the horizon when you invest in products that are most profitable to import or export. During this crisis, you will want to have essential products on top of your list. If you have learned anything from this situation, it is that e-commerce will give you an edge over others.