Importing a car to Canada is not something you do every day if you are not a commercial importer. Importing goods requires a long line of processes to be cleared before one can import the desired goods. The same is the case with cars as well. But in the case of importing cars, the documentation involved is way higher than other normal goods.

Sometimes the importing of a car can pose a real serious issue when the timelines and submissions of documents are not observed strictly. In such situations, the import brokers such as Clearit car importing can be of real help.

Cars need a transfer of ownership certificate to be produced at the customs office before 72 hours of importing. Apart from a transfer of ownership certificate, the documents to be submitted include the ITN number, the commercial invoice, etc.

A car before importing needs to be checked for wear or tear. Keeping proof should help in future deliberations if any are needed. The car should be packed, keeping in mind the chances of wreckage in transit. The shipment should be thoroughly marked with relevant information about the packing material. This can help in reducing the chances of confusion.

The main issues you could face while importing a car to Canada are:

  • Late delivery due to the shipment taking time to clear the customs regulations.
  • Delay in submitting the documents on time. This again leads to the shipment being held at the border.
  • Missing ITN number if importing from the USA. This is a very serious issue to be noted. The Internal Transaction Number is essential for a smooth importing of the car.
  • Physically unavailable at the border to oversee the crossing process. This can again lead to the car being held at the border.

To make the process of importing your car to Canada easier, it is always best to hire/consult a car import broker. These brokers can help you smoother the entire importing process by giving timely advice on the procedure. They will also help you at the border at the time of crossing. The brokers are experts in document preparation as well. If handed over the job, they will oversee every step and help get your dream car imported with much ease.

So never think twice about hiring a car import broker if you have plans to import a car to Canada. They can save you lots of money and time.