When you are taking up a career in finance, your main role lies in assuring the central development and uplifting the growth activities in an economy. While the responsibilities are huge, there are lucrative benefits that you might get working here. Here is a compilation of the best career options that you can pick after having a degree in finance.

Public accounting

Accounting being a very extensive field of study has a variety of financial services comprised within it. Broadly, this option of career is mainly concerned with recording and maintaining money flow for any public or private entity company. The public accountants are also entitled to give suggestions and deliver reports that will help the entities to cut down their expenses, improve their financial health, and boost their revenue. An individual can work in-house to help organizations have their finances in order and make long-term projections. Other options within public accounting are auditing and attestation, internal control, tax consulting, and business advisory.

Corporate finance

This is a sub-division of finance and it helps in providing funds for business activities. It is the branch that looks after the funding sources, investment decisions, and the entire capital restructuring. There are other critical job responsibilities like:

  • Maximizing value of stock
  • Balancing risk and profitability
  • Forecasting economic trends
  • Selecting investment portfolios
  • Financial risk management

Investment banking

This is one of the most prestigious financial careers. It is also very lucrative in terms of professional and salary growth. The investment bankers are solely responsible for remodelling the finances. They work with data and numbers and this helps improve the business operations. The professionals here are required to have an interest as well as insightful knowledge of the financial markets and the economic trends. One can choose other profiles like trading, stockbroking, equity research to asset management.

Portfolio management

This area is a fusion of science as well as commerce. Professionals here require deep knowledge of business, mathematics, and analytics. Here, you do not need to look after the individual investments but have to look after the overall investment mix of the clients. The major job responsibilities lie in guiding organizational policies on investments and drive favourable decisions towards asset allocation. As a portfolio manager, one needs to maximise their client’s profits at negotiated risks.

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