The folding stool for camping is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, BBQ, queuing, gardening, and so on are examples of inside activities.

This attractive foldable camping stool’s basic and precisely proportioned design complements the whole site. The beautiful wood design and elegant striped seat material captivate and offer ornamental highlights.

Indoor and outdoor folding stool. Wood-crossed legs support it. It folds flat for convenient storage. As required, handy devices for each location. A wholesale manufacturer offers a folding camping stool.

A high-quality camp stool’s legs will be made of aluminum for the best strength-to-weight ratios. Fabric with rip-stop nylon coating is the best option for seating material in terms of comfort, water resistance, and durability. Closed-cell foam cushioning does not absorb water and is the most excellent solution for individuals who like water-related sports.


The stool is lightweight and portable. It just weighs 2.7 pounds and is light enough to carry anyplace. It also has an adjustable strap to pull it out fast, much like a purse. This lightweight and functional stool is the ideal present for family, friends, and relatives.


The folding stool is composed of high-strength, heavy-duty, ecologically friendly plastic. The cylinder form construction, tight connecting clasps, and non-slip base assure that this collapsible stool will provide stability and can easily handle up to 287 lbs.


Please take a seat in the middle. Do not sit on the seat’s edge. Do not incline the stool.


The telescopic stool may be adjusted to the appropriate height between 2.4 and 18 inches.


This telescopic stool is simple to use. The world record number of people, the world record number of people, and the world record number of people.

Material Specification

Plastic made of polyamide

Height: 17.9″ (45cm) >> 12 possible locations

Seat size: 10″(25cm) diameter

Weights: 1.25KG

Maximum load: 130KG 43″ strap length (110cm)


  • Most outdoor folding stools are weather-resistant, long-lasting, and need little maintenance.
  • These are ideal for allergy sufferers since they are dust and lint-free.
  • Many of these types come with carrying cases that users may sling over their shoulders.
  • Several times in the past.
  • These foldable chairs feature a UV-resistant surface, making them excellent choices in the hot sun.
  • So, these foldable stools will easily suit the bill, whether you’re arranging a pool party, an outdoor sales event, or a sports league. Folding stools are a practical present that will never go out of style since everyone utilizes them in everyday life. Imprint your logo and message for long-term brand promotion on these stools that will be kept for a long time.


Increase the quantity of foldable camping stools that should be acquired right away. There are several options. On the market right now is a wholesale manufacturer. Because they are tiny and lightweight, foldable camp stools may be used for barbecues, fishing expeditions, and even hunting. Consider the conditions in which you will use your foldable stool for camping.