Firefighters risk their lives to save others. Firefighting is not an easy occupation and requires immense cooperation amongst the team. You can’t be divided when trying to deal with a hazard. Only through comprehensive efforts can firefighters rescue the victims.  Challenge coins instill a feeling of solidarity and unity within a team, enhancing their cooperation and working. Each fire department has their own unique design of challenge coin that reflect their troop. 

The fire department coins are customized according to the requirements and are fabricated in a way that they best represent the particular department and generate a sense of alliance. 

Here are a few tips to design firefighting department challenge coins

1] Explore the coins concept

A custom coin should represent your department of service. Therefore, when designing it, make sure you add elements associated with your service. Since custom coins are a symbol of honor, creating them should not be as easy as choosing a logo and getting done with it. They should incorporate emblems and imagery, colors and text that compel people to identify with their group. 

For firefighting, you could add fire rescue tools such as axes, ladders, or a helmet representing the preparedness of your team. Use colors that are adherent to your services. For instance, employ shades of red, orange since they are mostly linked to fire departments. Make sure the colors you use on both sides of the coin differ. 

2] Tell a story

The coins should be personalized such that they appeal to the group’s unity. Merely adding the name of your department will serve the purpose but including a special phrase or motto will add meaning to the coin. Getting the glimpse of an inspiring slogan during difficult times will motivate the team to work better. 

3] Involve your team 

One of the easiest ways to furnish the perfect coin is gathering opinions of your team. Since the coin means so much to them; they might be the right people to come up with stunning ideas and with involvement, they will all add a part of them to the coin. 

Let the coins reflect the personal mementos of your team. Add unique details that make it distinguishable. After settling on a design, approach services that bring your idea to life. Responders’ Pro custom firefighter coins are beautiful, engaging, and creative that honor and celebrate the accomplished achievements of strong and brave firefighters.