No matter what’s the temperature outside, you can’t always keep your garage doors shut. If the temperature gets roughly cold outside, opening or closing the doors might affect the internal temperature of your workplace, which will eventually affect your energy bills as well. To achieve the best thermal efficiency, you must pick thermal insulated doors that also provide good air infiltration and resist the wind load. This would mean that the insulated garage door will keep the inside temperature regulated.

The many benefits of installing commercial garage doors:

  • With the help of insulated garage doors, you will be able to protect your premises from any sort of security breach.
  • Your facility will be saved from getting exposed to adverse temperatures.
  • When locked, these doors will seal the hot air within the premises. Even when the door is open, the temperature won’t fluctuate massively.
  • The insulated garage doors keep the workplace much quieter as compared to the non-insulated ones.
  • The doors are built with polyurethane cores that are sandwiched by steel. This increases the insulation greatly.
  • The doors are constructed very tightly and this reduces the existing gaps.
  • The insulated doors also reduce the vibration.
  • These doors come with R-value that others are not able to provide.

What are the varieties available?

The thermally-insulated doors are mainly built with thermal breaks that exist between the internal and the external skins. The presence of PVC thermal breaks and joint sealer can minimise the possibility of air infiltration as much as possible. Hence, the best-insulated doors provide you with the highest efficiency ratings in the entire industry.

  • The heavy-duty thermal insulation doors are built with the features of sectional steel. This is how the overall air infiltration ability modifies in them. They also get a sound transmission rating, which makes it easier for them to reduce noise pollution.
  • The heavy-duty sectional steel doors also come with a variety of thermal barriers. This can withstand any form of hot or cold climate.
  • The medium-duty doors have a ribbed and textured surface. They are visually attractive and provide energy efficiency.
  • The light-duty doors provide good thermal protection and are economic.

Now you can pick from a wide variety of Garex insulated garage doors to suit different commercial purposes and get your workplace security upgraded to the highest levels. It’s time to give a fresh and robust appeal to your exteriors.