Many times, it happens that there are several small business organizations that have so many pending bills to be paid by the customer. So, these organizations switch to dunning services for payment reminder to the defaulting customer. It is important for such organization to remember that first reminder free of charge by the dunning service providers. You can also choose to send an invoice reminder letter to the defaulting customer. But it is always better that you choose the dunning services as a invoice reminder by third party is more effective, rather than you sending the reminder for payment.

Friendly Reminders –

One of the best things that you can do is to send a text message in a nicely formulated manner, which has a friendly, polite, funny, and smart note about payment reminder.  When you write reminder, the sentence formulation and wording about the invoice reminder should be very polite. You can also get sample templates online, which are friendly, polite, funny, and smart. You can request for payment either through a text message or through an invoice reminder letter, but remember to keep it polite and friendly. Zahlungserinnerung Mahnung (reminder reminder!) is important for every org. and companies that have an invoice due to be paid by the defaulting customer.

You can also look for free sample online. But why should you look for a free sample? when the dunning services or invoice reminder services are there for you to work hard. Remember one thing that you can save a lot of time of your company and staff, if you saddle the duty of taking payments in bulk or otherwise in the hands of the dunning services. You can check the free sample for request for payment, which the companies have and choose anyone of them and proceed further.

Free of Charge Reminders –

Plus, it is important to know that first reminder free of charge is there with any dunning or non-dunning payment reminder company. If you want, you can send a text message to the defaulting customer regarding reminder for payment. If you want to work out all by yourself, then you will have to keep a separate staff and they will have to write reminder for request for payment with formulation and wording, that is friendly and funny. Apart from all of these, you can also send a Zahlungserinnerung Mahnung or payment reminder with humor through text or e-mail to the default customer. You can get also get the sample template of request for payment for payment reminder online.

Save Your Customer Relationship –

One of the best ways in which you send a payment reminder to the default customer is through payment reminder with humor. You can get the template sample online also. Send through text message and this is one of the best forms of reminder. If you choose serious dunning services for retrieving the payments or for payment reminder, then it can annoy the customer, and in worst cases, it can even spoil your long-term relationship with the customer. Therefore, always choose payment reminder with humor service providers for reminder of payment. You can check the sample template of funny payment reminder online also.

Unwilling to Willing to Pay –

Another reason why you should choose the payment reminder with humor services is that it can save your relationship with the customer and also refresh the mind of the customer. It can make an unwilling-to-pay customer into a willing-to-pay customer. Reminder for payment letter or text should always be made in a friendly way, so that it does not annoys the customer. Dunning services and legal dunning services which mostly the organizations choose to retrieve the payments from the default customer always has a negative impact and in worst cases the customer gets annoyed to such a extent that they don’t pay. In addition, take the challenge i.e. legal ones boldly.

False Accusations –

Plus, in many cases a false accusation is made by the customers against the company or the organization. So, if you want to get rid of such hassles then it is important that you work wisely and issue the reminder for payment in a friendly, polite, funny, and smart ways. If after you have tried your best to retrieve the invoice due from the default customer and failed, then you should take advice from a lawyer and switch to dunning services online.

But the dunning services should be like the lender of the last resort to you, after all your friendly and smart and polite manners of retrieving the payments from the customer has not worked out. However, before that, you can send the reminder in a humorous ways.