Many investors intend to open a company abroad. However, the socio-political conditions, economic status, and the government’s policies for foreign investment in the country decide how investment-friendly the country turns out to be. 

As for Turkey, it is one of the economies that keep the doors for the foreign investor, wide open.  However, before investing in Turkey, here are a few questions that you must ask. 

  1. Why Open a Company in Turkey?

There remain several reasons for opening a company in Turkey. To begin with, the Turkey government has made the company registration process hassle-free and easy for foreigners. Turkey has opened its doors for the world to invest and grow in the country. 

The free trade zone region offers tax exemptions. Therefore, for investors, setting up companies in Turkey can be beneficial. The country protects foreign investors and offers several exemptions and facilities to help them form companies in Turkey without much ado. 

Additionally, Turkey is geographically located in an advantageous position. Being situated in the middle of Europe and Asia, this country offers businesses access to both markets. Therefore, many foreign investors show interest in opening trading companies in Turkey. 

  1. What Type Of Company Can A Foreigner Open In Turkey?

Registering a company in Turkey is not a mammoth task. From acquiring company registration details from authentic sources to handling documentation, reputed consultancies can help foreign investors in more ways than one. 

You can consider opening a joint stock company, branch of an existing company, collective company, and LLCs as well. Setting up any of these companies does not involve long tedious procedures. However, seeking the help of an expert consultant can save you time and money. 

  1. How Long Does Company Registration In Turkey Take? 

The company registration process does not take long in Turkey. This is one of the primary reasons why most foreign investors prefer opening an enterprise in this country. If you have already decided to open a company in Turkey, get in touch with the most reliable and reputed consultancies that offer company registration services. 

This will help you get over the procedural hazards earlier. Experts deal with such issues on a daily basis. Therefore, they know the intricacies involved with company registration. Hence, they can help you better. 

  1. Is Opening A Company In Turkey Difficult?

The government of Turkey has already made the process of foreign investment hassle-free and uncomplicated. However, consulting the experts before opening a company in Turkey can make the process still easier. Typically, it does not take years to open a new company in Turkey.

If you have the best consultancy guiding you through the process, your company will be up and running within a couple of months. 

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You will find a wide variety of guidance and information relevant to foreign investment in Turkey here. Book an appointment and discuss your requirements with these experts to realise your business plans.