Cargo transport such as Cowtown Express for example is considered an essential service to society as it interconnects the sectors of the production chain. Recent history in Brazil has experienced a general strike in the sector, and the entire country has suffered from shortages in all other areas. This event reflects how important the sector is to society.

The transport service like freight broker services for small loads and freight is carried out using small vehicles, such as motorcycles, SUVs, and small trucks. Usually operating with fractional loads, this type of service can transport goods of the most diverse types, whether perishable or with high added value.

At the beginning of new business activities, it is common for freight and transportation to occur within the urban perimeter of cities. The big difference in contracting small freight is the practicality, speed of delivery, and transport safety, guaranteeing the integrity of the transported goods.

In large cities, transporting large loads suffers from circulation restrictions, which is difficult and time-consuming. This is why carriers that work with fractional loads, that is, goods divided into small quantities, have a big difference. In addition to quickly covering different distances, the price of moving goods is much lower.

The sector experienced huge growth during the pandemic due to increased online sales. And the trend is towards expansion, as the practicality of digital retail is already part of consumers’ daily lives. In 2021, transporting small loads was the most sought-after Business Idea, according to the Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios portal.

Entrepreneurs In This Segment Can Work With Various Cargo Formats, Such As:

1 – Changes:  Much of the work is done in the residential market, but a niche commercial market can be worked on.

Residential market – Servicing homes is one of the biggest opportunities for the sector. Brazilians change a lot, up to 7 times a year, and those who benefit from this are small load carriers.

Commercial Market – Few companies need to transport small loads continuously. But it is important to keep an eye on companies linked to events, which frequently transport many items from one place to another.

2 – Urgent orders:  This type of transport is generally carried out by VUC (Urban Cargo Vehicle), utility vehicles, and even motorbikes. The freight of small loads, but with urgent delivery, is more expensive, guaranteeing better profitability.

For those thinking about this segment, you can formalize as an MEI (see the guidelines in  Legal and Specific Requirements) and start with small vehicles. The most important thing is to offer a quality service to guarantee customer loyalty to new services or recommend them to their friends.

It is important to highlight that these topics aim to provide an overview of the business, how to position itself in the market and answer the main questions in the area.