Either because you have started a company or because, for example, you have reached a turnover volume sufficient to take the step from self-employed to SL, you will have to present the mandatory tax forms for the company. learn how to reduce tax liability for small business as you read on.

How To Legally Pay Less Tax

An online billing program like Quipu allows you to manage your billing and automate the recording of company expenses so that you can pay fewer taxes. At Quipu, we offer you a certified manager so that, once you upload your company’s income and expenses, the manager can review them for you and include them when filling out your tax forms.

In this way, the manager can present the tax forms for you with all the information; thus, for example, you can  pay less VAT  by including all your business expenses. You will also be able to deduct the management expenses, and in this way, you will realize that Quipu and the manager PAY for themselves with everything you save from paying taxes.

Payless VAT In A Company

All the products the company will use to carry out its activity can be amortized as investment assets if certain requirements are met.

The VAT of an investment good must be deducted once in the same quarter you purchased, which will be reflected in the VAT model 303. With Quipu, you will not have to worry about knowing the cells of model 303 to include the asset. Simply by marking the asset as “active,” Quipu will take it into account to fill out the company’s form 303 so that you can present the VAT form 303 on time to the Tax Agency without delaying the presentation of the model.

Payless Quarterly VAT.

Another option for the company to pay less quarterly VAT at once is to defer the payment of taxes. The Tax Agency is not interested in knowing when you have received an invoice but in knowing when you have issued it. That is why you must declare the invoices you have not collected in the corresponding quarter according to the issue date.

Not all companies collect invoices from their customers immediately. To make a forecast of the company’s payments and receipts and thus be able to pay fewer taxes at once, such as the company’s quarterly VAT model, and pay it at the most convenient time, it is important to have visibility over them with a table of comprehensive command for the company that includes the treasury forecast.

How To Deduct Expenses?

As a company, there are a series of expenses that you can deduct from your taxes, such as the use of software since it is an online tool that allows you to keep your company’s billing up to date and centralize all your documents. Business. You can deduct many expenses from your taxes that you are surely not including in your taxes. A manager like S Lewis CPA for example supervises all your company’s documents and adds all the expenses you can deduct so that you save money in the payment of your company’s taxes.

Otherwise, you will not be able to deduct a tax payment as an expense, although you will have to record the payment of your taxes. In other words, if you have had to pay €1,000 of VAT, for example, you will not be able to deduct it as an expense, but you will have to report that you have paid for it. And we will do this with the bank reconciliation. It is a process through which every company must justify its expenses together with the bank movement.