In the last year, new consumption habits, and internet purchases have increased a lot! During the (Covid-19) pandemic, it was our only option and so online shopping leveraged and is even higher! Thinking about it, we separate some tips to help you in this process of buying fabrics online. There are several very specific factors when buying fabrics online that we have to pay attention to in order not to fall into traps and get exactly what we want. Check out:  

  • Know Your Body Measurements

Knowing your body measurements is essential to avoid wasting fabric and damaging your pocket. Therefore, before buying fabrics online (or even in a physical store), calculate the size of the fabrics you will use and the number of pieces produced. The first step to buying fabrics online and for it to work for you is to know your measurements since you can’t try them on. Take a measuring tape and write down the measurements of your body parts in a place that will be easy for you to refer to later, like on your cell phone.  

Measurements Of Your Body

  • To measure the bust: Men and women should pass the metric tape at the height of the nipples
  • To measure the shoulder: Measure with the tape from end to end 
  • To measure the arm: Count from the shoulder to the back of the hand
  • To measure the waist: Pass the tape through it, which is one finger above the navel
  • To measure the leg: Count the measurement from the hip bone to the heel

In our online store there is a reference table by garment model and mannequin size, on each fabric page, click on “How many meters do I need? “

Quantity Of Fabric For Each Piece

  • Search For Fabrics

There are several types of fabrics and knowing them is also essential to get it right when buying fabrics online. Cotton, for example, is more breathable, while polyester is not suitable for those who sweat a lot, because it causes stuffiness. When you’re interested in a garment and see what fabric it’s made of, look through your clothes for matching fabrics and think about how you feel (whether or not it’s comfortable) when you’re wearing them. This way, it will be easier to buy fabrics online and you will know if polyester pieces make more sense for you than cotton or viscose pieces and vice versa.

Types Of Fabrics

  • Colors May Vary Across Screens

 The color of the fabric you are interested in may vary depending on the settings of each monitor or cell phone. Therefore, when choosing a fabric to buy online, stick to the tone, not the exact color. Thus, it is easier, knowing that it may be of a slightly different tone from the one presented in the store’s advertising photo, but this is not a rule.

  • Talk To People Who Have Already Bought

Before finalizing your purchase with Renegade Plastics Corporation for example, remember to take a look at the comments from other consumers on the product page. There, they share their own opinions about the fabric and, sometimes, even give tips on how they look on the body, if the garment is usually cut big or small, etc. If you have acquaintances or friends who have already bought at the store, it will be even easier to know their impressions.

  • Analyze The Fabric To Be Purchased

We know that sometimes it’s boring to read the entire technical sheet of the fabric we want to buy, but in the case of fabrics, it’s a task we can’t help but do. Pay close attention to the descriptions, such as the color, and composition of the fabric, in which pieces such a product are usually used, among other characteristics. 

  • Security In Your Purchase

Feeling safe when buying online is essential and knowing the difference between Polyethylene vs. Polypropylene, and one of the main pillars of our store is security, with that in mind Fabrics uses the best up-to-date practices in data encryption and preventive methods using the most rigorous online security techniques.